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"Theo - A Conversation with Honesty" was completed

At this moment, in the middle of the vibrant spring of 2022, the excitement at Art4um is hard to believe. A film project that we have been passionately and devotedly involved in has just reached its final stage. The film is profoundly titled "Theo - A Conversation with Honesty" and boldly confronts a complex and controversial topic: sexual assault among teenagers.

Under the creative direction of our talented director, Damien Hauser, the film tells the haunting story of Simi, who takes us on a journey of challenge and inspiration. Through Simi's dialogue with Honesty (Theo), the film encourages viewers to reflect on a subject that is simple, yet of profound importance.

Bringing this film to life was no easy task. With its weighty subject, sensitive character drawing and profound plot, the project took us on an intense, sometimes nerve-wracking journey. But thanks to the support of the Zurich Film Foundation through its "Fast-Track Competition" and the dedicated efforts of the entire Art4um Production team, we achieved our goal.

Now that the finished film is in front of us, we look at our achievement with pride. We have tackled a difficult yet important subject matter in a challenging format and are thrilled that the final product not only meets our high standards, but also has the potential to have a profound impact on its viewers.


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