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"Open Stage" at Planet5: The evolution of: "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr"

A month of renewal and new beginnings for the Art4um team. Our heart project, previously known as "My art - My mouthpiece", has reached an exciting turning point.

We launched an "Open Stage" at Planet5, a platform where young artists and performers had the rare opportunity to express themselves in a real stage environment and gain valuable stage experience. The energy and talent these young artists brought was overwhelming. Each performance was a testament to the passion and commitment that lives within our young artistic community.

But that wasn't the only big news. Based on the experience and feedback we gathered throughout the project, we decided to adapt our musical project. It is now titled "Open Stage - the Show." This change reflects not only the dynamism and flexibility of our project, but also our willingness to constantly evolve and adapt to the needs of our community.

Anticipation is growing as "Open Stage - the Show" will close its first location, Kreis 6 & Wipkingen, in the fall of 2023. For us, this marks a significant moment as we close this chapter of our artistic adventure and look forward to the future with excitement.


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