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A triumph in Italy: "Theo" wows at the Giffoni Film Festival

The picturesque Giffoni Valle Piana in Italy offered us a setting we won't soon forget. For us at Art4um, it was another outstanding chapter in the journey of our film "Theo - A Conversation with Honesty". We were honored to participate in such a prestigious festival as the Giffoni Film Festival, which is specifically designed for a younger audience.

The presence of our core team on site was crucial, not only to present the film, but also to experience the direct feedback from the audience. And what feedback it was! The response from the young viewers was phenomenal. Their questions, their interest and their honest enthusiasm for "Theo" were an overwhelming confirmation for us of the work we put into this project.

It was fascinating to see how our story resonated across cultural and linguistic boundaries. The post-screening discussions were profound and enriching, and it was clear that "Theo" had struck a nerve and was thought-provoking.

The Giffoni Film Festival has once again shown us that true art knows no boundaries. With a grateful heart, we look back on this unforgettable moment and are excited to see where the journey with "Theo" will take us next.


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