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"Theo - A Conversation with Honesty" at the 58th Solothurn Film Festival

For us at Art4um it was a month full of emotions and exciting expectations. Our feature film "Theo - A Conversation with Honesty", on which we worked with so much heart and soul, was presented at the prestigious 58th Solothurn Film Festival.

As a young player in the Swiss film scene, this recognition represents a significant milestone in our journey. The Solothurn Film Festival, known for its in-depth presentation of Swiss cinematic quality, provided us with the perfect stage to introduce "Theo" to a sophisticated and film-loving audience.

From the moment we entered the venue, we were overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the community that had gathered around the love of film. Our screening was a triumph for us. Not because of sold-out seats or thunderous applause, but because our work - the product of countless hours and sleepless nights - saw the light of the big screen.

After the film, we were able to take a deep breath and talk to many people present. The honest feedback we received was priceless, and the appreciation many showed for the details and intricacies of our film was very rewarding for us.

This premiere was not only a confirmation of our hard work, but also an incentive to continue telling stories that touch and inspire. We are certain: this is just the beginning and we are excited about what the future holds for Art4um.


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