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Musical project: "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr"

There's a sense of optimism in the Art4um offices. Imagine: Just now we received the joyful news that the Integration Promotion in Zurich has given the green light for our heart project. Yes, you heard right! Our musical project "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr" will come to life in the next four years.

What does this mean for us? Well, it's like we're standing in front of a giant canvas, ready to fill it with colors, emotions and stories. This approval opens the doors for young artists to raise their voices in a world that sometimes forgets to listen. We have a unique opportunity to ask profound social questions through music, dance and performance, and to address the meaning of inclusion in an inspiring way.

The team is already taking shape. Each new member who joins us brings not only talent, but a burning passion for the arts and the vision of inclusion. Together we are shaping this project, sharpening its contours and filling it with life.


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