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"Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr": artists embark on project

The musical project "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr", under the direction of Art4um, is setting its first foot in the world of art. In a decisive step, the first project meeting has taken place, an important event that marks the official start of this exciting project.

Our small, yet efficient team, consisting of selected art professionals from Switzerland, is working together with dedication. Everyone brings their individual strengths and visions to the project. It is this mixture of expertise and passion that steers "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr" in the right direction.

With the first meeting already behind us, the ideas kitchen is bubbling. Scenarios are sketched, melodies are thought up and creative impulses are exchanged. The play is gradually taking shape, and the anticipation in the team is clearly palpable.

The next few months will be crucial, and Art4um is determined to realize the full potential of this project. We are excited about what lies ahead and look forward to presenting "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr" to the public.


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