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Laughter at the Kunsthaus: Art4um supports the "African Comedy Night

Having already contributed to the African Fashion Night at Kunsthaus, Art4um was at it again, this time with a humorous twist. The "African Comedy Night" with the stunning BASKETMOUTH was just around the corner and we were proud to be the technical backbone of this special night.

For us, this meant not only combining technology and art, but also immersing ourselves in the rich and diverse culture of African humor. BASKETMOUTH, one of Africa's best-known comedians, kept the audience laughing while highlighting social issues that made us all think.

Our job was to make sure that every joke, punchline and moment of comedy was technically perfect on stage. It was a balancing act between lighting, sound and timing, which we managed with great care and attention to detail.

Working with the African Fashion Night team was once again insightful and inspiring. Together we created an event that will be remembered. It was not only a night of laughter, but also of cultural exchange and celebration of African art forms.

As we enjoyed the fruits of our hard work and listened to the thunderous laughter of the audience, we knew: This was another step in our mission to promote and celebrate art and culture through technical excellence.


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