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Introduction of the "Acting Circle" - A creative space for acting enthusiasts

At Art4um, we are constantly striving to find innovative ways to promote the art of storytelling. It is with great pride that we present the "Acting Circle", our latest project that brings together creative minds from all over Switzerland.

The "Acting Circle" is a weekly meeting aimed at actors, screenwriters and directors. It provides a platform to work together on scripts, hone acting skills and spark collaborative synergies. Our main goal? To create a community where ideas flow, talents are honed, and visionary projects come to life.

From the first reading of a script to the fine-tuning of an acting performance, the "Acting Circle" offers each participant the chance to master their craft and learn from their peers. It's not only a place to learn, but also a space to share and grow.

The first meetings have already seen impressive creative explosions. From intense character studies to riveting scene readings, we are convinced that the "Acting Circle" will become an integral part of the Swiss art scene in the coming months.

For us at Art4um, this marks another step in our mission to enrich the Swiss creative scene and support talents at every stage of their artistic journey.


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