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Dance, rhythm and boundless passion: The "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr" workshops pulsate with

A vibrant center of creativity is currently unfolding in the heart of Zurich, where our ambitious project "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr" is taking shape. Thanks to the dynamic partnership with the African dance group "Café Au Lait," we are experiencing workshops that are hard to beat for intensity and passion.

It is not just dance. It is a synthesis of movement, rhythm and expression, and the talented dancers of "Café Au Lait" are at the heart of this creative process. Their experience and artistry are indispensable and amaze us every day.

Equally inspiring is the energy and commitment we see from the young people from the Open Youth Work (OJA) Kreis 6 and Wipkingen. Their enthusiasm, combined with their willingness to learn new things and express themselves creatively, makes these workshops an unforgettable experience. Every moment is seized, every hour brings new discoveries, and you can feel an impressive stage play taking shape.

The exchange between professionals and amateurs, between experienced dancers and young talents, creates an atmosphere of learning and inspiration. The path that "Meine Kunst - Mein Sprachrohr" is taking is promising, and we are more than excited to see what the next days and weeks will bring.


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