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Art4um shines brightly at the "African Fashion Night"

Zurich's fashion pulse is beating faster than ever, and Art4um is a definitive reason why. Tonight we are proud to find ourselves in the middle of the Kunsthaus Zurich, where the "African Fashion Night" is in full swing. An event that puts the spotlight on the magic and diversity of African fashion.

But what makes this evening special? It's not just the dazzling fashion on display, but also the presence and commitment of Art4um. Our role? No less than supporting the artists, managing the technology and overall program coordination. Our members are present in all corners of the venue, their passion and expertise in full use.

While the models conquer the catwalk and captivate the audience with a variety of designs, various artisans from Switzerland are busy in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly. From lighting technicians to sound engineers to coordinators, the team at Art4um ensures that African Fashion Night is not only a fashion highlight, but also a technical masterpiece.

It is a coming together of culture, art and fashion that embodies the spirit of Art4um. On this night, we celebrate not only African fashion, but also our ongoing mission to promote and support art in all forms.


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